Available as an Upgrade

Gleeble Touch Control 

The Gleeble Touch Control (GTC) console is a significant system upgrade to the Gleeble 3000 Series. The new GTC console is now shipping with new Gleeble systems and is available as an upgrade to most existing Gleeble 3500 and 3800 systems. 

With its newly designed user interface and updated software/hardware, the GTC includes a range of enhancements, including improved usability and performance.

For more information on usability improvements and upgrade compatibility, contact the DSI service team at Parts@Gleeble.com

Gleeble Touch Control Console

Improved Usability

 • Designed with ease-of-use in mind. The design team listened to user feedback to develop an intuitive user interface

• Configurable touch screen display

• Faster user training - Both current and new Gleeble users will quickly and easily
learn how to use the system

• Large screen and clear icons improve usability for Gleeble operators

• Two display modes: Configuration Mode and Run Mode simplify usability and provide the right data and controls at the right time

• Redesigned Virtual Panel Meters (VPMs) provide clear and organized information at a glance
- During testing, users are presented with real-time data as well as operating ranges (for example, the oil temp gauge shows the current level in relation to max/min values)

- Transducer status and values are clearly displayed (both relative and acquired values)

Improved Performance

 • New Instrument Control Module (ICM) results in improved control & data acquisition

• Easier PID Tuning

• Expandable system – the modular control system can be expanded in the future

• Reduced User Error – Improved data presentation via new VPMs allows for a
more intuitive display of information allowing the user to review performance data
at a glance

• Improved user experience and accelerated workflow results in increased productivity and throughput

• Improved logging process enables enhanced service and diagnostics

• Better access to data files – Data files are stored in standard Windows® folders for more convenient access and backup

• Support for future accessories

Gleeble Touch Control

Features Include:

• Simultaneous thermal and mechanical control
• Manual and/or computer control
• Smooth transitions in mechanical control mode
• Measurement units easily configured by user
• High-speed data acquisition
• Test progress readout via Virtual Panel Meters (VPMs)
• Capable of system variable adjustments while a test is running

QuikSim®2 Software:

• User friendly interface for programming and controlling the Gleeble System 
• Independent workstation with full windows multitasking during testing
• Highly flexible
• Fast set-up times allow users to run more tests in less time
• Password protection
• Arbitrary waveform generation
• Three programming methods available:
       – Table form (fill in the blanks)
       – Optional Deformation Control Software for sequential multi-hit deformantion
       – Gleeble Script Language (GSL) for maximum versatility

Data Processing:
• Powerful and flexible data processing

• Publication quality data plots and graphs
• User created templates save considerable time when completing repetitive tasks 
• Built-in mathematical functions
• Automatic data file loading, “Copy & Paste” or link data to other applications