Gleeble® Systems: Defining a New Era in Thermal-Mechanical Physical Simulation and Testing
Gleeble VideoDynamic Systems Inc. (DSI) designs and manufactures equipment for dynamic thermal-mechanical testing of materials and physical simulation of processes.  (What is Physical Simulation?

Samples of material are heated and mechanically worked while various performance parameters of interest are measured and recorded for analysis. After the simulation or test is done, the microstructure of the material may also be examined. 

The most widely known machine produced by DSI for physical simulation is the Gleeble® System. The Gleeble System is produced in a number of different sizes and configurations . These machines typically have a high speed heating system, a servo hydraulic system and a computer control and data acquisition system.

DSI Products provide a cost effective way to physically simulate high temperature processes and applications at a far lower cost than full scale tests while providing excellent correlation and results which can then be applied to the actual process or application. 

Materials Testing Applications Include:
•  Hot/warm tensile testing 
•  Hot/warm compression testing
      - Uniaxial compression
      - Plane strain compression
      - Strain Induced Crack Opening (SICO)
•  Stress vs. strain curves
•  Melting and solidification
•  Nil strength testing
•  Hot ductility testing
•  Thermal cycling/heat treatment
•  Dilatometry/phase transformation
•  Stress relaxation studies
•  Creep/stress rupture
•  Fatigue (Thermal, Thermal/Mechanical)
Process Simulation Capabilities Include:
•  Continuous casting
•  Mushy zone processing
•  Hot rolling
•  Forging
•  Extrusion
•  Weld HAZ cycles
•  Upset butt welding
•  Diffusion bonding
•  Continuous strip annealing
•  Heat treating
•  Quenching
•  Powder metallurgy/sintering
•  Synthesis (SHS)

The DSI team is passionate about advancing the art and science of metallurgy and materials science. If you are faced with a research or production challenge where physical simulation or testing may be required, please contact a member of our team  today to learn more about the impressive capabilities of the Gleeble line of thermal-mechanical physical simulators. 

Phone:  +1  (518) 283-5350   (Located in New York State, USA  Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours)