Application Notes

Application notes provide details of performing particular tests on Gleeble Systems. These application notes are available without charge to members of the Gleeble community.

To obtain a note, contact us by email: and request the specific application note by APN Number.


APN Number Title
APN001 Axisymmetric Uniaxial Compression Testing Using ISO-T Anvils on Gleeble Systems
APN002 Flow Stress Correction in Uniaxial Compression Testing
APN003 Flow Stress Correction Methods in Plane Strain Compression
APN004 Linear Strain Rate Controlled Flow Stress Testing
APN005 Isothermal Quenching (ISO-Q) Technique for Development of CCT/TTT Diagrams Using Gleeble Systems
APN006 Application of Gleeble Systems in Semi-Solid Processing Simulation
APN007 Uni-Directional Tension/Compression Test
APN008 Application of Parallel Heating Technique in Gleeble System
APN009 Simulation of Laser Welding HAZ Using Gleeble System
APN010 Diffusion Effects on Type K (Cr-Al) Thermocouple Measurements
APN011 Liquation Embrittlement Study Using Gleeble Systems
APN012 Liquid/Solid Interface Studies
APN013 Strip Annealing Physical Simulation Including Continuous Annealing Processes
APN014 Evaluating the High Speed Performance of Servo Hydraulic Systems for Process Simulation and Testing Work Force vs. Velocity
APN015 Measuring Phase Transformations in a Sheet or Strip Specimen
APN016 Transverse Flux Induction Heating Simulation
APN017 Wrapping Technique for Difficult Thermocouple Welding Alloys
APN018 Pulse Quenching Technique for Cooling Rate Control in Thick Strip Annealing Process Simulation
APN019 Elimination of Load Cell Ringing during High Speed Deformation by Mathematical Treatment
APN020 Hot Torsion Testing on A Gleeble System
APN021 Steel Melt Testing on Series 3 Digital Control Gleeble Systems
APN022 Applications of ISO-Q Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer
APN023 A Technique for Rapid Quench Dilatometry Studies Using the ISO-Q Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer
APN024 Controlling Temperature with the Powangle Variable
APN025 Advanced QuikSim Configuration Techniques
APN026 Thermocouple Attachment Techniques for Dynamic Thermocouple Measurements
APN027 Performing CCT After Compression Tests
APN028 Using the Force Sample and Hold (Shforce) Switch
APN029 Method of performing controlled temperature uniaxial compression tests on CDA 110 copper