Parts, Service and Support

When properly maintained and operated, Gleeble Systems will provide your team with decades of reliable service. However, as with any complex piece of equipment, Gleebles do require periodic service and maintenance from certified technicians. Dynamic Systems Inc. prides itself on providing our user community with the highest level of service possible.

So that we can best serve your needs, please direct your request to the appropriate DSI team:
Parts: Contact the Parts Department for replacement parts or to replenish your inventory of consumables. email parts button

Service: If your Gleeble System requires attention from one of our highly trained Service Engineers, please contact our Service Department to create a support ticket. email service button

Sales: If you are interested in purchasing a new Gleeble System or Mobile Conversion Unit, please contact our sales team.   email sales button

Training: The most important part of any Gleeble System is the operator. Our team provides training as needed to ensure your team is able to get the most out of your simulation tools. training button

File Upload: Often times it is useful for Gleeble users to share large files with our team. These files may contain data, images or video.

Sending large files through e-mail can be unreliable because of sending / receiving size limits, therefore we have added a simple file upload tool to make this process easier.
file upload button

Gleeble  Forum:


Forums are a great way for members of a community to communicate and collaborate. We are happy to introduce the new Gleeble Community Forum. While our forum is still in 'beta' mode, we hope members of the Gleeble Community will sign up and connect with fellow users.

Click the button to the right to create an account and begin using the forum. (Access is limited to current users and partners.)

gleeble forum