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The Gleeble family of systems is growing. Find out which system is the right fit for your engineering challenge.

DSI offers a range of Gleeble models, each of which are flexible and customizable to achieve a wide range of applications.
The chart below lists popular Gleeble systems with key specifications and a comparison of applications and research capabilities.

The guide below is a good place to start, however to identify the best solution for your needs and budget please reach out to one of our system experts today at Info@Gleeble.com to discuss your research needs and model/configuration options.

 Thermal Mechanical Simulator  Thermal Mechanical Simulator  Thermal Mechanical Simulator  Thermal Mechanical Simulator  Welding Simulator  Annealing Simulator
Maximum Compressive Force 20 Metric Tons10 Metric Tons8 Metric Tons3 Metric Tons3 Metric Tons--
Maximum Tensile Force 10 Metric Tons10 Metric Tons8 Metric Tons3 Metric Tons3 Metric Tons--
Maximum Stroke Distance 125 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm50.8 mm
Maximum Stroke Rate 2000 mm/sec1000 mm/sec1000 mm/sec200 mm/sec200 mm/sec--
Minimum Stroke Rate .001 mm/sec.001 mm/sec.01 mm/sec.01 mm/sec.01 mm/sec--
Temperature Control*
Maximum Temperature 3,000 °C*3,000 °C*1,700 °C1,700 °C1,700 °C1,000 °C
Maximum Heating Rate 10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec8,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec50 °C/sec
Maximum Quenching Rate* 10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec10,000 °C/sec57 °C/sec
Maximum Specimen Size 20 mm dia20 mm dia12 mm dia11 mm sq11 mm sq50 x 260  mm
Mobile Conversion Units
Torsion MCU
Hydrawedge MCU
Strip Annealing MCU
High Temp Testing MCU
Applications & Research Areas*
Hot Tensile Testing
Quenching (Water/Air/Gas/Mist)
Cryogenic Quenching
Flow Stress Compression - High Speed
Flow Stress Compression - Low Speed
Plane Strain Compression - High Speed
Plane Strain Compression - Low Speed
Dilatometry - Static Dilatometry
Dilatometry - Deformation Dilatometry
Strain Induced Crack Opening (SICO)
Heat Treating
Melting & Solidification
Welding Studies & Weld HAZ
Rolling Simulation
Multi-Axis Forming (Creation of Ultra-fine grains & Nano Materials)
Continuous Casting
Mushy Zone Processing
Stress Relaxation
Strip Annealing
Torsion Testing
Powder Metallurgy/Sintering
Recrystallization & Grain Growth
Fatigue (Thermal/Thermal-Mechanical)
Friction Stir Welding

* Optional equipment may be required

Gleeble systems have been trusted by leading industry, universities, and research institutions for over 60 years:
  • University of Wollongong Logo
  • Wits
  • Waterloo
  • University West
  • Magdeburg
  • UConn
  • UBC
  • TU Delft
  • TU Wien
  • TU Graz
  • The Ohio State U
  • Tata
  • Swerea Kimab
  • Politecnico di Bari
  • Swansea
  • SAIL
  • Portland State
  • Atilim University
  • Oulu
  • Ostrava
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Chemnitz University
  • Mississippi State
  • EPFL
  • ETS
  • FAU
  • Freiberg
  • Imperial
  • Iowa State University
  • Lehigh
  • LNLS
  • Lulea
  • University of Kentucky

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